Thursday, October 23, 2014

Heading for Veldhoven

Having been to markets with my fabrics several times now I thought I had developed a certain routine. I felt safe, because, after all, I know what to do! Feeling safe is dangerous, though. Especially if you leave too many things until the last minute. This includes buying new (light) tables for my stall, which the supporting quilter wanted to have a say in, but he was away on Monday, so it had to be done on Tuesday. It also includes wrapping 58 new colours onto cardboards for presentation, which my expert wrapping assistant Hildegard could only do on Tuesday. 

And then I realized that some of my boxes which had been bought for transport of fabrics had been taking on lives of their own and needed to be emptied... And many other things, which I won’t go into exact detail about.

But I made it.  
The new tables changed my packing of the car, but fit in well. 

The huge storm during the night was ‘over’ in that there were only many rain showers on the way, gusty winds to deal with (I could now point to several suitable locations for wind mills along the German autobahn!). 

I left 45 minutes later than I had planned, caught the morning traffic jam and a following extensive detour right at the beginning of my trip, and then there was one road construction site following the other. And then I had not realized how difficult a city like Cologne could be to get around – on the right number of autobahn I mean.
After 760 kms, exactly one hour before the closing of the halls for the night I arrived at the venue, and managed to set up my tables and the wooden holders for the fabrics.

Fine tuning will have to be done tomorrow, between eight and ten. I am pretty sure I will sleep safe and sound tonight!

My stall is no. 23 – if you find me here during the next four days, and tell me how many kilometres I drove to get here, you will get any fabrics you buy for the pre-Oct.-15th-price of €19/m! Looking forward to seeing you here in Veldhoven.

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  1. Oh no! I am glad you are safely there after all. I hope you sleep well. Perhaps an early night tomorrow.
    And all the best for the sales!