Sunday, February 26, 2023

Reveal with 20 Perspectives


Detail of "Art Appreciation @ East Side Quilt Gallery"

This past Tuesday the group 20 Perspectives celebrated the reveal of our latest project in an internal zoom meeting, with the prompt architecture/edges. Publication of the respective blog posts followed on Friday, and you can now find all our pieces and descriptions here. There I describe how mine didn't end up displaying the layout of various walls on the edges of political empires.

A could-have-been: outline of the former Berlin Wall
separating the city of my birth.

Another possibility that did not get elected,
the Great Chinese Wall.

Basically, for this prompt I made 3 quilts and cut up a fourth, which had been lying in a box for a while. And I managed to secure a bit of collaboration from Barbara Lange, who digitalized the dog peeing on the wall for me. Thank you, Barbara!

20 Perspectives is a fun group to be part of, and I am using the prompts in a way that surprises me. Except for the very first one, which was still very much in common with what I had been doing before, all the pieces that have followed have been very different from what I have done before.

The next prompt is ‘monochrome’, and I was allotted the color yellow. My favorite color, emotionally, and I have worked with it a lot already. And I have an idea, just need to get somebody’s permission to use a photo of hers as starting point. It’s going to be interesting.

Please take a look at the 20 Perspectives Blog, enjoy the posts and stories, follow the group on Instagram (@20_perspectives), and you can follow the individual members, too.