Sunday, August 28, 2022

Before going home

During our vacation on Fuerteventura, after that first, slightly clumsy attempt at posting from the tablet, I had taken some pictures with the tablet camera - because despite the fact that I called it a technological revolution in my life, it has not been connected to my Cloud - and wanted to post once more 'before going home' (hence the title of this post). Of course, relaxing, beach walking, swimming in the Atlantic facing Africa, eating with a view take so much time that posting somehow kept slipping to the back of the list, and we were home before I got around to it, although I had actually started the post with the title and uploaded some pictures. 

So here they come.

The evenings were a special time for the guys, who watched
quite a bit of the European Championships that were taking
place in several locations all over Europe, track and field in
the wonderful Olympic stadium from 1972 (where my husband
and I had gone to see the European Track and Fiel Championships
20 years ago, and loved it).


One of the 'corners' where I walked every day, and when the
tide was up we would be watching surfers.

While the guys were watching TV, I sat there handstitching my
comparative temperature quilt of my birth year and the year 2020.
I got almost 4 months completed.

Lots of cacti around, and this one was just starting to bloom.

I took my son 'shopping' one day, and when we finished off with
some ice cream I saw this colorful display of sunglasses in the store next door.

a picture of my 'studio' in our living room.

Right after dinner the guys would go and play a couple of rounds of
chess. My husband was surprised to find that the Junior has acquired quite
a competence at this through computer programs. He didn't stand
much of a chance.

To be honest, I would have loved to stay there. But here we are back, and I have gone back to work, finally facing an uninterrepted stretch of working weeks. With covid right after the beginning, and this vacation that I had been able to negotiate because we had booked and paid for it before I decided to change jobs, it has been a bit of a bumpy start. But so far I like it and think it will be a good working environment, in general.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Vacation time

 My family is spending 2 weeks on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary islands.

I have been here before, but it is the first time for my  It's cooler here than in Germany right now. The beach is lovely. The water has perfect swimming temperature.
  It is very relaxing.

I was excited about the possibility  to see the Supermoon, but on the night of the full  moon it was a bit cloudy on the horizon. So this picture from the evening before must suffice, it's pretty impressive as such, I think.

I have seen my first pomegranate tree today.

And I saw gorgeous displays of fish in the supermarket yesterday, 

which almost made me want we were staying in an apartment where we could do our own cooking. But only almost, I am quite happy I don't have to cook. Tonight's paella at the restaurant was delicious!

I brought my temperature quilt for handstitching, narrowed down to 4 months.

And I am making progress.

But posting via the tablet is rather tedious... this is not going to be a long post!