Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Daily Water

After three weeks in practicum looking in on work as an ambulant care taker in the mornings, followed by attendance at a day care center for the elderly I am now back in school. Fortunately the schedule promises these weeks to be more interesting because the teachers who had driven me to the edge last time are not going to be around this time. A time to breathe. I have also started to do yoga in the mornings before school and hope that this will not only settle my back issues but also give me some breathing exercises and a bit more patience.
On the spur of the moment I decided yesterday to start a new daily photo project. After Laetitia Cilliers  had mentioned to me when I met her in South Africa that she was missing my photos of reflections, I have been back looking for them lately, and when I passed the bridge across the small river on my walking tour I found myself looking at the reflections, at the water, and at the setting. And then I realized that I could just as well take this as a daily photo point instead of fruitlessly searching for a suitable tree for another project such as Daily Oak or the linden tree. The days have been glorious this past week – a round 7 degrees Centigrade warmer than the longterm temperature median – and the colours of the trees turning on the banks of the river made for a great impression. And since a daily project can be started on just any day I figured October 15th is as good day to start as any other day of the year.
The bridge is not far from our house, closer actually than Daily Oak, and it is only a small detour to take on my way to or from school or work, it is on my walking route, or on the way to the pool (open air pool, so that will only be an advantage after May 1st again). As I am getting older I feel ever more clearly that living on or near water is very important for me. Perhaps more so than the ‘Daily Bread’ that we ask for in prayer. Which is why I chose to call this project Daily Water.
For the first day I took that route across the bridge three times.
On my way to school it was still foggy:

During lunch break the sun had come up.

And just before sunset, to get a first impression of how the light might differ.

It will yield new reflections.

And for today, a photo of the almost sunset, as well.