Monday, July 23, 2018


On my return trip from the island I received a phone call that informed me of the fact that I had been chosen to be the recipient of the annual Cultural Award of my town, for my 'Art with its individual message, and the international recognition thereof'.
At first I was very surprised because I never thought about the possibility of receiving that award. But I did get used to the thought, came up with a guest list, asked Barbara Lange to give the laudatory speech, and last Thursday it all happened.

I put up a few quilts in the room where the ceremony took place.

Barbara gave a wonderful speech, and so did I. I received a medal, a certificate, and a check.
My son has claimed the medal because he says he had an important part in my artistic development, which is correct.

And this is the moment after the mayor awarded it all.

Now there is only one week of teaching the refugee class left, and then a lot of things will change. It will be interesting to see how things develop, how much time there will be left for art.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Naming the Baby

After a few weeks break on and distance to the project that I was working on during the textile artist symposium due to vacation, teaching and another absence with mytrip to the island I have come back. It was taking its time, and although I wasn’t sure why I listened to my inner voice that kept telling me to wait before continuing. During that process I decided not to stitch the contours on the remaining three articles that are rather fine in the handwriting.

Backside view of the Thai script, one of the articles I decided to not give a contour.

I also decided against putting the finished piece onto a wooden frame, which had been my original thought. Mostly because I have never put a quilt of that size onto a wooden frame, my experience is constricted to smaller sized pieces, and I did not want to risk anything with this piece.

So today, after finishing the side facings and attaching the fabric that will be the lower tunnel, I sat down with my husband for a bit of brainstorming while he was watching the first quarter final of the World Championships. The working title ‘text messages 18’ is just not expressive enough.
And I arrived at the decision to call it “#UDHR (text messages 18)”. 

Now I can finish the remaining steps, and am planning to take it to be photographed on Monday, and deliver it to the city authorities.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

SAQA-Exhibition "Made in Europe" now on display in Munich

This past Friday I went to Munich to prepare the SAQA-Exhibition "Made in Europe" for its two-week sojounr in Munich.

the bookkeeping

well-prepared - the quilts cam out of the box
in alphabetical order

designated rods for hanging
Due to the fact that this was a very well prepared shipment that I had received, hanging was quick and easy, I was finished after just over two hours.
Here is a glimpse into the gallery upstairs.

The gallery is open during shop opening hours of quilt et textilkunst until the 14th of July.