Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finished. My last quilt.

A good hour ago I put the last and finishing stitches into my last quilt - for the exhibition that is opening a week from today.

No.25 in the series "Shapes"

It is one out of five 16 x 16" quilts that I had to make for this exhibition, and had started like this:

(In fact, it is number six, as I decided that I did not like the first one well enough to show it like it is - it will be re-sized, and then find a place to be shown somewhere else.) By now I have pretty much mastered putting a finishing edge around a quilt that is to be  mounted on a frame. Could do more of those. But I won't do Shapes for a little while, so many other ideas floating in my head, pieces to be finished...
I have four full days before I leave for Alfeld, and need to sort out the hanging rods, print the labels to go on the walls - I am not finished, I know. For example, three of the little ones need to be mounted onto the frames yet.

But no more sewing for this exhibition. Feels good!

The opening in on Sunday, October 12, at 11:30 a.m., at Fagus Werk in Alfeld, Germany. Anybody who is in the area is cordially invited - would love to see you there!

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