Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day of surprises

When I took two of the smaller and three of my bigger quilts for the Fagus exhibition to be photographed today, and mentioned that I was going on exhibition next week, my photographer and I started talking about exhibition opportunities. In particular he asked why I never exhibited anywhere closer, and particularly in our town. When I pointed out that there weren’t really a whole lot of suited locations to do so, he agreed – and then offered me to have a shop window exhibit in his shop windows early in the New Year.
When I looked at my e-mails later in the afternoon, I found two e-mails from Martha Sielman, SAQA’s executive director, that each held a pleasant piece of news. One came as a total surprise – I was chosen as one of SAQA’s star recruiters for the Membership Drive in the third quarter of this year. I get to choose one out of several interesting presents donated for this purpose.  And I am even pretty high on the list, only two people get to choose ahead of me. I’m not saying which gift would be my favorite, yet, because who knows whether it will still be available when I got to choose. But I do know which one I want! I’ll bide my time...
The second piece of news was that my application to become a Juried Artist Member was approved unanimously. Thank you to the jurors!

That made it a good and pleasant day. Wouldn’t we like to have more of those?


  1. Oh well done! I am so pleased for you to have so many successes.
    Exciting to have your photographer ask to show work with you.

  2. So much good news in such a short time. Many congratulations on getting your JAM application approved, you deserve it. I noticed that you were in the star recruiter list too, hope you get the gift that you want.