Sunday, September 4, 2022

Seven weeks lost.

 We have been living in this small town for just over 17 years now. From the very beginning I knew that the open air pool is THE highlight of the town. (By now I know it is the only highlight, but...) When we moved here, my son was 11 weeks old and I would take him in the baby carriage, park him on the side of the pool, with enough distance, and swim for a while, look out whether his feet were still appearing every once in a while when I was on a turn. After a few weeks that life guard would do a little baby sitting if I happened to be there with only few visitors. Ever since I have made it a point to take my first plunge on the first day of opening, usually during the first days of May), and go as frequently as possible. Definitely when it is raining, because then I will have the pool to myself.

This year I was off to a good start, had gone frequently and was in pretty good swimming shape, but when I caught the virus that stopped, of course. Couldn't go while I was still tested positive, and couldn't go afterwards because I was too weak. When I went back to work I just could not muster any energy in the evenings to dive in. After we returned from vacation it took me a couple of days to get back into a bit of a routine with driving to work, running all the errands that needed taking care of, but now I have gone back to the pool. Of course, by now the season is almost over. I started back middle of this past week, but they will close a week earlier this year than usually because of some renovations. So in the end I probably won't have had the full worth of my season's pass, as I missed out on seven weeks of swimming.  That is a big disappointment. But I am trying to console myself by telling me I should be happy that I am swimming again without any respiratory problems or other post-Covid symptoms as you hear from so many people.

So when I have time I am working on the 'Nature' prompt for 20 Perspectives.

I have cut up a piece of hand-printed fabric that was never much of a success, but that is fitting in perfectly for the arrangement here.

And I am planning where to hang which quilt in my upcoming exhibition. Two days ago I received the floor plan. In the end I think I will be able to hang more quilts than I calculated, but because of the location it might not be very orderly. I have to make do with whatever width of hanging space available in sometimes odd places, and it might be a bit of a jumble. I have decided to not be bothered by this.

It is a solo exhibition in a museum.

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