Sunday, December 25, 2016


Just how did this happen? I must have written several blog entries during the past couple of weeks, in my mind at least. And every time I had a chance to do something creatively (i.e. sit down at the sewing machine, or actually write that entry) it came down to “sit down at the machine and sew!” That’s what must have happened.

Not even a Christmas greeting… but it's too late for that now, next year again...

The weeks were busy - time before Christmas always is - and I realized a little while ago that a jurying-job is coming up just after the New Year is on. I have been nominated as one of the jurors for the German Patchwork Guild’s bi-annual show “T bis M” (an abbreviation for “from tradition to modern”). Now being jury, of course, I don’t need to enter before a deadline, but I have been told that probably jurors will be allowed to hang a piece of their own. And I wanted it to be a new one. But there haven’t been that many new ones finished recently… so there is work to do!
And I have been stitching, finally picking up that quilt in the text messages series which I started a while ago, red and black, and an hommage to Oskar Pastior, a Romania-born German poet who wrote a very special kind of poetry that is more of sound effect oriented than traditional poems.

The quilt had been neglected for so long because - I don’t really know. I used it to demonstrate my technique at the Bernina-stand in Prague almost two years ago. And then, well. It was my ‘refugee crisis overload’, for one thing, and then too much respect for my new machine, which at first was mucking up when I was trying to make it do what I wanted to have done. However, a few weeks ago I sat down had a serious conversation with the machine, started applying all kinds of tidbits and technical hairdos, and now we are both happy. 

It’s working, I am stitching. And there is a lot of stitching to be done. But I have made progress. And will now go back to the machine.

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  1. Love the technical hairdo bits you have done to the machine! I hope the rest of the quilt goes well.
    I have been thinking about you a lot with everything in the news. I hope your New Year is a good one for you, something to really bless you.
    Love from Sandy