Sunday, December 11, 2016

Munich, twice

Sometimes it takes months before I get a chance to go to Munich. Last week I got to go twice.
On Tuesday, I went to take down the International Threads' exhibition at Quilt et Textilkunst Gallery. Barbara was working, so I had to do it alone - with a little help from Christine Köhne for the four larger quilts that were up over the stairway. But taking down an exhibition is always so much faster than putting it up. Yet taking down an exhibition without Barbara is a lot less fun than putting it up with her... In any case, I had the chance to get another shot of Shapes 26 where the reflecting effect is actually visible - when there are no real lights around.

And then I found myself outside the store and gallery again, with a complete exhibition packed into two moving boxes, and pushing it back to the station.

Of course, the train was late, and I got back an hour later than could have been.
And then on Thursday another trip to Munich. This time together with my German class of refugees: the entire class went to visit the Bavarian Parliament, the Landtag, where we had been invited by a local representative to follow the debate of a new law for integration. Not only did we get to listen to the first few hours of the debate (which in the end lasted until five thirty in the morning before the final vote), but we were also shown around the building and met with some other politicians.

I had never been to the Landtag before, so it was an interesting and new experience for me, too.

Earlier in the week I had sent out the November selection of the fabric club. However, I have not taken a photo of the color range yet, so all I can show here is the stack of packages before shipping.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post a photo of the color range.

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