Monday, November 21, 2016

(So what would be a good title for this post?)

Can't think of anything that catches it all...

Today I finished the binding for the large traditional quilt that uses snow-dyed fabrics for the article in Patchwork Professional magazine.

Fun to quilt on the longarm!

Ready to be shipped so they can take care of proper photography in the studio.

The 'modern' quilt had been finished earlier in the week.

Because this is for a magazine publication, I will not post any full-view pictures of either of these before the publication of the magazine. But I'm glad I am done and can concentrate on other things now. I would have wanted to start dyeing the November selection of the fabric club tonight, but I wasn't home when the new shipment of threads would have arrived by courier, now I have to go and pick it up tomorrow and can't do anything yet. A relatively quiet evening, then.

Of course, there is always something else going on. I am working on catching up on my Journal Quilts for QGBI Contemporary Group:

But I only just now realized that the one of the left hand sidedoesn't have
a real piece of orange in it.... Have to see what I can do about that!

I had busy days with some unpleasant things going on for the Senegalese students in my German class, and I got to visit with the newborn baby of one of them.

She is the sweetest little girl, and I found it impossible to believe that my 11-yr-old was exactly the same size when he was born. How they grow up!
I played in a performance of Gabriel Fauré's Requiem on Sunday, and thought how much I would like it for my husband to find a different position so there would be more opportunities again for me to play in an orchestra.
I am totally upset at what is still going on in Aleppo, and that Russia and several African states are pulling out of the International Court in Den Haag. And now that Angela Merkel has announced her candidacy for next year's elections these stupid alpha blokes in Bavaria are again talking rough to harm her. Do they really think that they are going to improve their own results like that? All they're doing is harming the entire democratic system because we are going to have just as unpleasant an outcome of the election as all the other countries that are having problems right now... I wish I could just live on a small island where world politics don't matter. Even if water levels are rising.

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