Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Marketing is not my strong side, and so far I have not been adamant about being active in social media in that respect. In the summer I learned from Chrisse Seager, though, that it's easy to post stuff on Instagram and then share it on facebook, too, even if you don't do facebook on your phone. (I suppose I am one of the very few people on earth who don't, and I was getting kind of tired of having to upload pictures on the computer, which is why I was being even less active on fb than I had been before.)
So slowly I taught myself a little bit how to do Instagram, and have been posting a bit there. Probably security issued are just as viral with them as they are with anything else, so I guess it doesn't really make a difference whether I use Instagram on the phone or facebook, but...
The signature is #justquiltsjustcolours. I am still planning to post other things on facebook, so it might be worth looking there, too. Although they asked me today whether Justquilts Justcolours was the name I use in real life. I cooly told them yes, it was. Let's see how long I get away with it.
As I will be getting a new phone sometime soon, and just got a different computer because of my teaching job, this is a whole new digital era in the beginning, in my life at least. I had that old laptop for more than six years, and it is still being used by one of the refugees, so it will have a life span longer than many other computers. And my phone is also old by smartphone standards. But of course I am participating in that vicious circle of getting new gadgets, and sustainability is something else.
Anyway - follow me on Instagram or facebook!

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  1. I too am one of the very few people on earth who don't do facebook on my phone - or anywhere for that matter. But instagram is fun - see you there!