Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reflections on High Noon

For all of last year I have been taking pictures within the ten minute span around twelve o’clock noon of wherever I was, something I was looking at, or doing at that time. I called this project "High Noon". Only rarely did I miss out on taking the picture because something happened, and in I think two or three cases I decided to include a picture in the selection that was taken somewhere around noon, but not exactly within the ten minute span I had originally allotted myself for the project. 
Sometimes I would combine the High Noon picture with my second Daily Art Project, going to see ‘my tree’ which I was photographing almost every day I was in town (documenation here) and either include the tree in High Noon, or take a picture while on my way to or from the tree. I loved High Noon, and figuring out which different kind of picture I could take even if I was again at home or in my studio at that particular time.
For this year, I wanted to continue doing Daily Art, and toyed with different ideas, having a hard time to decide. I love taking pictures of reflections and have just recently put together a photo book of a selection of reflections on water. 

So I was debating whether I should do a Daily Art Project “Reflection of the Day”. But not every day brings a good photo of a reflection, and I did not want to be pressed for it in the sense of “I still haven’t taken that reflection yet!” (I will be posting more of my reflections on Pinterest.) 

I haven’t found a tree (yet?) that meets my requirements for another daily-tree-trip-project, I did not want to commit to daily stitching because there are days when I don’t get around to stitching. And although I still intend to work on my drawing skills (first efforts were started last year, hopefully to be continued), I don’t consider them interesting or good enough to do a "Daily Doodly" or such.

So I have decided to give High Noon another year, with a slightly different focus. As I am also working on my abstraction skills right now, I will try to concentrate more on taking photos with a certain degree of abstractness. (That does not strictly exclude reflections, but they must not take over.) The ten minute time span around twelve o’clock remains, with a similar degree of laxness as I had been doing last year. And I will post a selection of the ten pictures I like best once a month. 


  1. ou've set yourself an interesting challenge. Look forward to following it.