Monday, April 5, 2021

After Easter, still in lockdown, ...

 After having been vaccinated, and as my parents had been vaccinated right at the beginning of vaccination, I took the liberty to go and visit them for this past weekend, despite the fact that there had been an urgent call to 'stay at home if possible'. (There is so much bickering going on between the heads of the federal states, each of which is taking their own liberties in terms of opening or closing or allowing or not that it is getting very very exhausting - first to stay ahead of the knowledge of what is allowed or not, and since we have been dealing with all this for over a year now, psychological resilience is fading, seriously.) We stayed within the limits of contact persons, so everything was legal in that realm, but I did figure that three vaccinated adults could meet, even if it meant a five-hour-train-journey each way. 

I managed to take a walk with my mother who is still recuperating from three serious surgeries in succession last year and who is severely limited in her ability to walk freely. Seeing her like that is indeed a moving sight. There was a bit of spring in the air, albeit temperatures were still a bit chilly and the leaves were just about starting to come out.


 My parents have a very nice Japanese flowering tree in front of the house which is always the first sign spring, and it was in its full glory.

And I did catch a beautiful sunset through their living room window. The house is situated right opposite a wood section wich is always beautiful to see.

And my mother and I spent some time with me showing her what I had learned about EQ8 with my #gildemodernburgoyne project for the German Patchwork Guild. After all, she had paid for most of the programme, it had been my Christmas present. My design experiments have progressed over the last week, and I could show her what I had been doing.

Today's post includes a bit of a rainbow arrangement, at the request of one of the web-editors who are helping me with technical issues and other tidbits. For a full-blown design I would also take the colors into the nine-patches between the blocks, but I did not do this for the computer mock-up. This is only half a rainbow, I did another version with the full range, but that would be a very large quilt indeed!

While showing my mother the possibilities, I also for the first time looked at other layout options, such as squares on the diagonal, and will explore those a bit more in the next few days.

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