Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekend getaway

My husband has sent me on a weeken getaway because he thought that once again I was getting to be too deeply emotionally involved with refugee issues, so I am spending a weekend on Lake Schliersee, south of Munich.
The lake was frozen and the ice, although it is not safe to walk on anymore, is still pretty much a closed cover.


  1. Love the distant block shapes. Hope you get a new breath of air inside of you.

  2. How beautiful and inspirational! I know you are having a hard winter because I have a friend in Upper Austria who keeps posting photos of their snow and ice. Here (Cornwall) we specialise in rain and gloomy skies.

    1. Actually, this winter has not been as bad as many others before, at least here. But it may be quite different in Upper Austria. But then I don't mind snow and ice, as long as it's sunny. Probably Cornwall would not be a good winter abode for me...

  3. You have very caring husband :-)