Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teaching at Petersberg

I spent a weekend teaching at Petersberg, west of Dachau, my favorite teaching site, where I get to teach a weekend every year.

On the top of the hill: a Roman Church

The weekend starts out for me with an hour-long-massage at the local massage place, which is the perfect introduction to the entire setup.
This time the workshop had been completely booked after less than 24 hours, which made it the second favorite workshop of the institution. The house is very favorable towards us, and the group that attends has grown to be a group of friends. I suppose it wouldn't matter what topic the workshop - they would sign up nevertheless. Because they know, they can bring their own projects and just spend the days sewing.

We have the largest room in the house, we can spend our time as we like - except for the fact that meals are being served at 8 a.m., 12 noon and 6 p.m., with coffee served in the afternoon.  As a special treat, I have arranged with the massage place that they offer appointments for the participants on Saturday morning. We have had this for three years now, and that way the Saturday has acquired a special atmosphere. For a few hours the participants quietly take their leave, come back a while later with a serene smile on their face and a completely relaxed atmosphere around them.
Quite stressful!
Next year's date has been set, and we are going to be there on the first weekend in February.


  1. Wow! Massages! Do you want to arrange benefits here for our group?

    1. Wouldn't mind to, Sandy, but the dates are hard to get. It will be 2019 before we get an upgrade to two weekends per year. But if you ever want to stop by for the massage, get in touch, and I will give you her address, she is fabulous.