Saturday, June 18, 2016

Longarm development

Finally we had a day today that felt like perhaps summer might begin any time soon now. This is (Lower) Bavaria in summer on a good day:

This pasture is on the farm where we get our milk,
and the hardly recognizable steeple in the back is the city's
central Catholic Church.
I spent some time in the garden, restacking some of the re-purposed sandbox which had been sitting rather neglected for quite some time.

And the rest of the garden needs a lot of work, too...!

By now we're back to rain - a thunderstorm in fact, and the weather forecast for tomorrow is not good at all. My son is supposed to be a ball boy for the local men's tennis team, and I am counting on the time he is going to be away to continue working on a quilting commission. But perhaps he won't be away for long, if at all...

So far, all quilts I have quilted on the longarm for other people have been such that I could easily have chosen similar fabrics. Now, for the first time, I had a quilt mounted which was made from fabrics that I would never have chosen myself. Which was a very interesting experience. Unfortunately the maker had a clear request what kind of quilting she wanted done, and I did not get a chance to go through the process of developing a quilt design for a quilt in fabrics that would never be my choice. In a way it saved me the time I would have spent thinking about what to do with the patterns on the fabric, and how I could transform them into fitting quilting patterns, and as she only wanted a few straight lines to set off the squares, it was a job very quickly and easily done, and I am expecting to get the second quilt in this commission done as easily as the first. But I really would have liked to face the challenge to deal with the fabrics patterns 'on my own'.

It would have been so much fun to develop
just the right swirl for quilting around the roses!
It would have been a very good learning experience! Wonder whether a piece of fabric like that is ever going to come across my path and stick with me so I can give it a go.

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