Sunday, June 5, 2016


Bavaria has been struck by several catastrophic flood events in the past few days due to the unfavorable weather conditions. One of the areas is about 60 km away from us, and today we heard that a small village close to where my mother-in-law lives was the last one to be hit. I vividly remember flood scenes from Augsburg about twenty years ago, and we are very grateful that the canal in our street was fixed. Otherwise we probably would have had some problems, too - we know how it is to clear out, mop up the water and then dehydrate the basement for weeks. But I feel very sorry for the people there - and at present we don't know what has happened with my husband's uncle's house in the newly flooded area!

I've been doing some sample spinning and knitting to decide on my next spinning project.

I received news that my quilt was not accepted for the Art Masters at Birmingham, but I decided to enter it in the Contemporary category. Now I am thinking about whether I should also enter one in the Art Quilts - since they can both be shipped in one package it would save on postage. Have to make up my mind about that.

I finished a friend's quilt on the longarm.

And I will start to teach (getting paid) some German and basic work market skills to refugees tomorrow, Monday. This has only developed since Wednesday, when I happened to be at the particular organization for another reason and on the spur of the moment decided that it was time to finally wave my flag as a potential future teacher, should the need arise. Little did I expect they would say "Can you start on Monday, we are just putting together a new course and desperately need a teacher..." I am not doing all of the class, but I will start tomorrow indeed. Wonder when there will be time to pack up and take my fabrics to Nadelwelt Karlsruhe...

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