Monday, May 12, 2014

Stitching away 2

I've spent as much time as possible this past week stitching my entry for the Carrefour challenge "Imagine". It's taking forever. And it is an odd mixture of stupid repetition - stitching, stitching, stitching, and yet more stitching (hey, had I not said that I would never do thread painting, because it's not for me? so why am I doing this?) - yet requiring my full attention, otherwise I will have to take out stitches in the end because I ran over the boundary lines of the letters.

But I am nearing completion of the stitching of the top.

Transfer of letters onto fabric via watersoluble foil

A selection of threads used for stitching the letters

View from the back

Outlined letters - the choice of thread colour
turned out slightly unfortunate. Wouldn't use this one
again for this purpose.
And that's well enough - I have to return the machine embroidery frame, which I borrowed from Barbara, before the end of the week. Learned a lot about lettering in this process...

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  1. Looks very interesting; unfortunately at this time I'm gonna be in Maine and can't see the show in France. Hope you show some Pictures on your blogs...