Monday, June 13, 2011

Guerilla Knitting Award 2012

On Friday and Saturday this past week I taught a course at the patchwork meeting of the German Patchwork Guild (Patchworkgilde Deutschland e.V.). Due to family reasons I could not stay the whole time, the event continues through today. The first thing I want to presenet here that really impressed me was the small solo exhibit by Silke Bosbach in Johannisberg. 
Silke Bosbach works with modern techniques of shibori, and she has published a book on her projects with Haupt-Verlag.

Photography was not allowed in the exhibit, but I have taken pictures of some of the objects which were also exhibited from the book I had bought:

And: Silke Bosbach is calling for entries to the „Guerilla Knitting Award 2012“.

Entries are supposed to be-knit outdoor objects, sculptures, lamp posts or whatever.
A first public presentation, including the presentation of awards will occur during the h+h cologne 2012 which takes place March 23 -25, 2012.

Knitting was the first textile technique I mastered, and for many years I was an avid and very creative knitter. My grandmother had taught me to knit by preparing a ‚magic ball’ of yarn: she had re-rolled a ball of yarn, putting some little goodies inside, which kept me motivated and going because I wanted to find out what would appear next. The final big surprise was a coin of five marks, quite a lot of money for a little girl of five or six at that time. After that first initiation I was constantly knitting, even knitted for money during my daily commute to swim practice. Working on the computer later gave me tendonitis in my right arm, which put a halt to knitting for many years. But when I was expecting my son I slowly started back with a small baby jacket, and have knitted lots of pairs of socks since. And not only that.

In the beginning of June I read about Stephanie Rhode’s knitted art project „490 Houses“ in Gunzenhausen.

It seems knitting is encroaching on the art world.

Final date of entry for photos of be-knitted objects for the Guerilla Knitting Award is September 17, 2011.

I may enter – have to do a little bit of thinking to come up with a good idea...

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