Friday, June 24, 2011

Art exhibit in former cow stable

Tonight I went to the opening of an art exhibit in the „cow stable gallery“ at Hof Bödldorf  (south)east of Landshut in Bavaria.

It is an old four-sided farm as they are typical for this area of Bavaria, protected by the Office for the protection of old buildings (Denkmalschutzamt), which would make it quite a pain to own it and try to restore its former beauty, because you will have to deal with lots of rules and regulations. But it has indeed been beautifully restored, even the dovecot is still there:

And the gallery is indeed located in the former cow stable, which is still clearly recognizable as such. The other parts of the farmhouse are used as center for seminars and meetings.

This is a view into the cow stable gallery:

The artists are members of a local women’s art club who have been making art together for a few years. The opening also included a book presentation of a survivor’s story about sexual assault, throughout the exhibition a fund-raiser for the German Child Protection Agency is taking place.

I was really fascinated with the place. What a great idea to combine a cow stable, which is still clearly recognizable as such, although not by smell or dirt, with art. What a place to have an exhibit – admirable! Certainly yet another way of presenting art to an audience. I’m very glad I went to see it!

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  1. this reminds me of the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio, site of Quilt National, although they have removed the cattle stanchions since renovating. If you see photos of the earliest Quilt National you will see not only the stanchions but the troughs in the floor.

    kathy loomis