Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daily Art Project as Dialogue: Daily Mail, part III

So far I have given two reports (to view them, click here and here) on the daily art project ‚Daily Mail’ which Kathy Loomis and I performed for slightly more than six months, starting September 15, 2010. (You can view Kathy’s reports on her side of the project here and here and here.)
After Christmas the project was more than half over, as the final date had originally been set for March 15. Throughout the remaining 2 ½ months I sent pictures to Kathy on the following themes: winter, sink art, my own daily art project Daily Oak, shadows, lots of „found art“, dyeing results, from a bike trip through Sweden of 28 years ago, a small series on the Bavarian custom of putting up a „Wegkreuz“ (German link here) at crossroads of which I could find more than a dozen during a short bike trip in the immediate environment of the town where I live, my observations on the art of deconstruction , the spring flooding in our town, pictures from a trip to the Canarian Island of Fuerteventura I took with my son four years ago, an article on the improved recognition of Native American Art in American museums which I had found in the NY-Times excerpt regularly included in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, buttons, my newest quilts, the spring floods in my town, roof-decorations on older houses in my town, impressions from my family’s week-long trip to the Bavarian Forest (included lots of granite and cobblestones!), first hints of spring, tree faces and marking, bricks bricks bricks, and a series „inside/outside“ where I had taken pictures of church windows by artist Marlene Reidel  in a nearby church both from the inside and the outside.

The Museum of Granite in the Bavarian Forest

Winter Art

Regular status of creek in winter...

... turns this status in flooding.

Kathy shared many wonderful pictures from her January trip to Antarctica, some from a former trip to Greece, sunsets, shadows, found art, compositions of decay, chairs, first hints of spring, started a new series „men at work“ (which I really loved but could not match at all because I had never taken any pictures that would fit that theme and felt too shy taking pictures of men at work if they could see me doing it), something she calls ‚crop circles’ (which I now find here, too, though not so frequently), more pictures from Japan (after the earthquake and tsunami), the spring floods in her town, bricks bricks bricks, and lawn animals!

penguins marching up the hill

men at work...

found art

lawn animal

crop circle
And so - is this art? What do you think, before I report on how Kathy and I discussed this topic when we met in April...

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