Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Quilt in Australia

Several years ago I sent a quilt to an Australian exhibition, the first time I know of that a quilt of mine was shown ‘down under’. That was Shapes 27: Reflections on the Nine Patch, where I was experimenting with reflector fabric, some shiny fabric I had once been given by a friend, and loose end in the quilting.

Shapes 27: Reflections on the Nine Patch, 90 x 90 cm

When light falls onto the quilt in certain angles,
other Nine Patch shapes become visible as well.

Glitzy fabric in the dark, reflector fabric, and loose end in the quilting

It might be possible that one of the SAQA shows I was in was shown in Australia? I’m afraid I am not good at keeping track of where my quilts are going when they are touring the venues without me…

This weekend, however, my quilt “Between Portals” is (at the point of writing already: was) being shown at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, as part of the group exhibition by 20 Perspectives, “Doors, Windows and Portals”. 


Julie Haddrick secured the opportunity to show there for the group, Anne Bellas and Phyllis Cullen traveled as clandestine quilt transporters, and the three of them are rocking the show.

Phyllis Cullen (left), Anne Bellas (middle), Julie Haddrick (right)

View into the exhibition hall

Unfortunately, they have reported that lighting in the halls is not very conducive to taking good pictures, 

In this picture, my quilt is hidden behind the perpendicular little angle


so if you want to have a good look at all the pieces shown, please take a look at the group’s website, especially the gallery for this specific exhibition:

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