Friday, December 8, 2023

A Month from Today

 When I returned from California I found waiting for me the contract for my new job, which I signed and sent off as soon as I had clarified the last details necessary for my start there. I will again be working in a dialysis practice, and I am starting on January 8th. I am looking forward to that, and as there are only 8 work days left for me now in the old job, I am sure that I can get through them with nonchalance and coolness. Better to leave some things unsaid than dwelling on stuff that will soon be behind me.

Late last week we received a record snow fall of  'the most snow within 48 hours since the beginning of weather records', or something like that. 


I love snow, and I was fortunate that I did not have to go anywhere last Saturday, so could stay home. At one point I thought we were actually getting snowed in. Our magnolia tree did not fare too well with it all. Two major branches broke from the weight of the snow last Sunday, and yesterday I saw that another major branch had come down, probably due to an avalanche from the roof behind the tree.

There will be a lot of cleaning up to do once the snow melts!


It would have made for a record snow-dyeing frenzy, had I had any pfd-fabric in the house. I didn't, and I still don't, but I did take a bit of an inventory of my dyeing utensils. It's been years since I looked into that cupboard after closing down my fabric dyeing for the fabric club.

I had only a rather dim idea of how much material there is still
available at my fingertips. Should I prepare fabrics -
or will we have to wait for another 5 years before another
snowfall will make snow dyeing possible?

In another corner of the cellar I found this piece of ice-dyed fabric which I haven't washed yet, obviously I was intending to add some more color in one way or another.

Of course, the kind of ice-dyeing I had been doing is possible even without snow. However, the results of my snow-dyeing had always been more to my liking than the ice-dyes - which weren't bad, either, but...

With these days of relative quiet I have managed to return to a piece on the design wall which had been up there for far too long.

It has turned out completely different from what I had originally thought I would be making. At one point, just during this last week, I was ready to take it down and throw it out because it seemed so unyielding and just wasn't coming together. But I persuaded myself to keep going and get it done so I would be able to start something new without presenting myself with a feeling of failure before that. So I persisted and added into the corners and pieced and... finally finished the last seam this evening. It's been basted already and will be quilted soon. We have black ice on the ground now, can't go anywhere, still.

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