Monday, July 10, 2023

TdF 2023, Rest Day

 The Tour de Fleece 2023 started a week ago Saturday and I am 'participating' again, as has become a bit of a custom for me during the last years. Not taking it too seriously, for example, I didn't post myself a special 'challenge' yesterday, although it was an especially hard day for the cyclists. 

Final goal of stage 9 yesterday... I really do like biking,
but I am not sure I would want to go up this hill in a race!

Fortunately, this year I am not in isolation with the grand sickness, but that, of course, means, that I don't get to spin along the tour exactly on every day. Nevertheless, I have done pretty well so far in terms of yarn produced.

I spun the largest part of this red, only a small amount had already been on the bobbin.

Then I carded a remnant of some orange-red-y fibers I had with gray and Nassi silk.

It is supposed to be the third thread in a 3-ply, and I am now filling the bobbin gradually.

I am more than halfway through the carded lot and thinking about plying a first attempt with the little bit of the one thread on the picture above, which, if I do a bit of weighing and calculating, might tell me whether the pure red is enough or needs to be spun on a bit.

But I have also finished the "Entangled in Yellow" binding (now it only needs a tunnel). 


And because I felt a severe urge to start a new quilt I have been wanting to get going with I also threw a few turquoise scraps on the wall - and ended up fiddling with this little boat that wants to be made. Not sure where it will take me, or how big it wants to be.


In the realm of establishing order I tried to introduce a kind of inventory of my spinning fibers as well. These are not all of the boxes I own, but at least they now carry an indication of what is in them. Makes it easier to find something. Or to be reminded of all the different things available for carding and spinning experiments.

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