Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Temperature Quilts, EQA-Diversity, AGM – Patchwork Gilde Deutschland in Dinkelsbühl


The Patchwork Gilde Deutschland holds an annual patchwork event around the legally required AGM meeting in order to attract many members to attend that meeting. The location varies. Last year, it was held in Meiningen, for the first time in what was formerly GDR. This year, we returned to Dinkelsbühl, a Frankonian town with a very compact and well-preserved medieval inner city and appearance, north of Augsburg.


I made the mistake to drive there after a full morning shift, and on the afternoon before the holiday – and I hadn’t believed the navigation system regarding the route it wanted me to take. So the trip took considerably longer because of a detour, I had to take a power nap on a rest area, and afterwards there was a traffic jam due to an accident and closing of the road… it took me almost 6 hours to get there, whereas it should have been a trip of only a little over 3 hours. But it was fun to be with my fellow volunteers from the Guild, and we started off the event with a joint dinner in a very scenic and delicious restaurant with beer brewing on the premises. On Thursday, we hung the exhibitions, according to a detailed plan, and on Thursday evening the official opening took place.


As the inner city is not very large and all exhibition venues were within the city wall it was easy to access all the exhibitions and get to see them all, despite the fact that I was stewarding the EQA-exhibition several times.


I had been so stressed out with receiving the quilts for the temperature quilt exhibition, the EQA quilts for the exhibition by the international representatives and the postal box mess-up that it took me a long time to calm down. But it did happen eventually, and I was able to enjoy the days there already, at least a bit, and even more calming down happened after I returned home.

Hanging "Sew EQA - EQA näht"
with strong and effective helpers.


I had been responsible for organizing the exhibition by EQA International Representatives, which was part of the stress beforehand due to the shipping issues. The location where the “Sew EQA – EQA näht” exhibition was shown is a rather rustic barn, storage room for stage props for a historical play enacting a mythical part of the town history. I think the surroundings were very interesting as an exhibition space, although it was a bit cold at times.


And I had been partly responsible for the display of the temperature quilts that were the result of the online group Bea Galler and I had led during 2022. Both exhibitions were very well received.


#temperaturcode22 by Bea Galler

*Year befor my 60th Birthday by Carola Runge

4 Seasons in Freiberg by Yvonne Joseph

I managed to see all the other exhibitions, although I did not take many pictures there. As always, I loved the children’s challenge quilts. It is fabulous what they come up with in answer to a cue, I always make sure to see them, and to cast a vote for the prize-giving at the last day.


I wish I were a chicken by ??? -
I didn't find out the makers name as I did
not attend the prize giving ceremony

Next year’s AGM is going to be held in Moers, near Düsseldorf. Haven’t been there yet – should be interesting!

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