Monday, February 19, 2018

"Modular Jacket"

Just about over a year ago I started knitting a 'modular jacket' from an interesting book with knitting instructions.

It had looked really good on the page, and I enjoyed knitting the squares, too. But somehow along the way something about it changed. It wanted to be something different.

So I watched and listened to what it wanted to be. And gradually it turned into a scarf.
With a bit of different colour arrangements, and other colours added, too.

And then I added a red I-cord on the outer edge.

Unfortunately, I had started the I-cord while I was in England, not having the book with me in which it was described how to do it - and not even thinking about the possibility of looking it up on youtube to see the exact way how to do it. I remembered some steps and thought I could get it done. I did get it done, but I am not too satisfied with the way it looks. I am most certain nobody will ever notice what I don't like about the looks, and I am telling myself that I, too, will get used to it.

It's a minor thing, can only be noticed when you look really closely. But it bugged me so much that I then finally came up with the idea of looking it up, because I wanted to know what I had done wrong. So now I know, after finishing the whole round, and for the next one I will not make the same mistake again. I hope this is a scarf that will stay with me, because only a couple of weeks ago I gave away another one, the one I made for the knit-along a while ago. Somehow all my scarves tend to want to go with other people...
And, affter all, the jacket pattern is still talking to me, there might be a second attempt... perhaps that will then really become a jacket.

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