Monday, January 8, 2018

A scrap a day - new daily art project for 2018

Last year I did not really follow through with a daily art project. Plans for starting a daily drawing project fell through, I did not keep it up, and I did not do daily photography either. This year I hadn't thought about it well in advance of the beginning of the year, in fact, I did not even start thinking about it until the day we came back from our vacation.
I wanted something simple, something textile, not something that would include such a big obstacle as getting myself over my hesitations that I can' t draw anyway...

I have been collecting pieces of thread that occur when changing threads on the longarm.

I have a heap of pieces of linen that have awkward shapes, which I got from a weaving place in the Bavarian Forest, where they produce table cloths from their handwoven linen.

I also have lots of scraps, and embroidery thread in the same color.

So I decided to combine these ingredients. The project is called 'A Scrap a Day'. Every day I will take one of my (mostly yellow) scraps and attach that to the linen. Either by hand stitching, or by machine.
It will remain to be seen what lasts the longest - the year, the scraps, the thread, the linen... (probably the threads). In any case - I started yesterday.

The first scrap attached.

No rules regarding the stitches used, the size or the shape of the scraps.
Perhaps a bit of 'in the vicinity of the previously attached scrap', but even that I am not sure about.
This is the first two scraps:

I am looking forward to it. Just hope I don't usually leave it to the last couple of hours of the day...

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