Monday, August 7, 2017

Travel preparations

Every once in a while I take a look at Austin Kleon’s blog which is always a source of good thoughts, and sometimes good laughs. The other day I found this post on not listening to the news - for a while at least - in the beginning of the day: 
My husband, who goes to bed very early and then wakes up very early, too, frequently listens to the news on the radio while still lying in bed. By the time we meet at the breakfast table he has already had his share of the latest world developments and is then eager to share these with some avid listener. I’d often rather just have a peaceful breakfast and not know much about the latest political misdemeanors all over, at least not at that point in the day. 

So I really enjoyed last week, after I had dropped off my son for his four days of basketball camp, when I was staying in a small holiday apartment all by myself. The apartment came with the largest TV-screen I have ever had at my disposal, but I did not turn the thing on even once. 

Neither did I buy a newspaper. I just slept, went on short bike rides (it was very hot) - but I managed to pass two of the transport ships on the Donau-Main-Canal while riding along on the bike path,

 studied a bit of my Spanish vocabulary, and relaxed. It was an extended no-news-at-the-breakfast-table for me... Another kind of Café Leisure, although I did not actually go and sit in a café.

Now I am preparing for Birmingham, where I am going tomorrow.FoQ, once again, and I am really looking forward to it.

When I come back on Sunday I have a few hours to repack, and on Monday next week my son and I are leaving for a three-week-trip to the US. When I was making the original plans I thought it was a good idea to have the two trips immediately following each other, now I am having second thoughts whether it would have been just a wee bit wiser to give myself at least a full day at home before heading back to the airport. But I had messed up the date of the total eclipse in the USA, which I definitely wanted to include in my itinerary and believed it would be earlier than it actually is. So in order to have at least overcome some of the jetlag before the big event I thought it would be better to leave on the turn of the heel. As departure dates are coming closer I am realizing that I am not 30 anymore and that things like this, which would have been no problem at that age, aren’t quite the sensible thing to do anymore. But I will manage.
So I went to the eye-doctor checkup this morning, ordered a bunch of textbooks to look at for next year’s class because I found out only today that new regulations have been passed for textbooks that might be used in the kind of class I will be teaching, made spaghetti for lunch, tried to persuade my 12-yr-old to go to the pool (unsuccessfully, he claims nobody else will be there, and is in a very ‘chilling’ mood right now), and am packing my bags. What will I take to stitch? Don’t know yet. Must be more than socks to knit, though….

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  1. Don't let them take your bamboo knitting needles!
    You could take a 70,273 red x middling to work on.