Saturday, July 1, 2017

Demonstration, and started a new quilt

Last week Saturday I went on a real demonstration for the first time in my life. It was a demonstration against Germany's current practice of deportations to Afghanistan, and for the right of refugees here to get an education, and a title to stay at least for the duration of that education. It was hot, it was long, and it was interesting. 3500 people were there, they say. The demonstration was organized by a cooperation of refugee representations and over helper circles. It was amazing to see so many people actually expressing a similar opinion as I have. Too frequently it feels like not enough people think like I do.

However, the media have not reported about this. It is frustrating - how can they ignore a demonstration like this?

I started a new quilt recently, too. Still in line with this topic, that seems to be taking over my life again. It is a bit of  'compulsive sewing', as Kathleen Loomis likes to call it. Or another kind of meditation.

It will be another in the series "text messages". Because it does not always take letters to make a text (here is the linguist from earlier times leaking a bit of her knowledge.) But it's still far from done.

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