Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On with the New Year: Little escap(ad)e

Yesterday - I had not opened the computer on January 1 - started with a big fright: when I first started the computer some weird message appeared on the screen about a team viewer that had been newly installed (there is one on this machine, because it's a computer from school), and that was all there was. No files, no software that I had installed, no nothing. I almost freaked out.
Tried to call the computer guy, who was not available. And rebooted. Then, tank God, everything was there. I certainly wouldn't have needed such a beginning of the year!

After that my son and I went for a bonding excursion to the outpost of Deutsches Museum in Oberschleißheim, north of Munich. He was happy to play around with his still relatively new smart phone, taking photos of all the planes, although he is not really a plane fanatic.

 I was happy looking for  reflections,

and found art. (Which made me realize that that is an area that I have neglected a bit lately, perhaps it's time to get back to it.)

My absolute favorite in the entire museum was this piece.

Not necessarily because of the color combination, but the design style - I just love these old VWs!

We ended the trip by looking at the special exhibition, which had been my priority to go there in the first place: aerial photography by Bernhard Edmaier. Absolutely stunning photographs!

Only one minor point of critique: the glass, under which the photos are presented is not reflection-proof, and in some cases this seriously interferes as the lights reflect and distort the art one wants to look at. Still on until January 29 - definitely worth a visit!

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