Wednesday, September 21, 2016

European Patchwork Meeting in Ste. Marie-aux-Mines

Last Thursday I went to the EPM in France. Getting there was a bit difficult as train connections did not work due to delays, and overall it took me two hours longer getting there than I had orginally planned. And it’s not a short trip even with all connections working, let me tell you!

From the bus window, getting there ... only about 15 more minutes on the bus.

Because I had agreed to steward SAQA’s Wide Horizons every day I was there, and had meetings with various people to do interviews for the German Guild’s magazine I was so tied up in the short time I was there that I never got to go to any of the other villages beside Ste. Marie proper. At least I got to take a tour around the various exhibition spots in Ste. Marie itself.
I saw the selection of Color Improvisations 2 that was on display and was more impressed with them in reality than I had been with the pictures in the catalogue that I had seen some weeks ago.

Elke Klein, Waves

I went to see the challenge quilts and have to say that I don’t understand why mine wasn’t chosen...

Anne Woringer, Aizome (indigo) - first prize

Anne Woringer, Aizome (indigo) - Detail

And I was very impressed with Malin Lager’s thread paintings. To be honest, I don’t need people portraits in thread for myself, but the technical perfection with which they were carried out is absolutely impressive. And I really loved the way she manages to create reflections on Venetian tiles and puddles.

Malin Lager, Lustrous Reflections of Venice 

Malin Lager, Lustrous Reflections of Venice, Detail 

At the SAQA meeting I made public my intention to retire from that position at the end of the month. We are still searching for a replacement as negotiations and inquiries have not yet led to a satisfying result in the kind of somebody saying “yes, that’s what I want to do right now!” Mostly I get a ‘ahh, not right now, I’m still working’ or something like that. I was pleased, though, that several people expressed their appreciation for the years and work I had done, that made me feel good. And it was sad to announce that I was going to retire – although I know it is the right time for me now, it will be rather different without the updates on membership, or the rep-coordinator’s mails regarding rep-issues. I will indeed miss it.

Selfie for three...

Being in Ste. Marie is always nice. I do admit that while I was fighting my way to get there, with connections missed after the train to Munich had been delayed and I did not make the rather direct train to Strasbourg, I was thinking ‘well, it will be good to take a break from going to Ste. Marie year after year, and next year at least I won’t have to be there in a function as SAQA rep’. But when I was there it felt completely different. It was good to see so many people I know, with like interests, and to know my way around, and to meet new people, too.
So when I left on Saturday afternoon I figured I might be back next year nevertheless – we’ll see. 

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