Friday, August 19, 2016

Trying hard to relax....

After searching for my passport the other day, having left my wallet lying around somewhere outside the home twice within the past two weeks (once on the plane to Birmingham), locking myself out of my hotel room, constantly forgetting stuff, and having to work with my little notebooks for so long to remember all the things I need to get done, I was getting worried I might have an early stage of dementia. Add to this the fact that an aunt of mine did indeed develop early dementia and is now no longer able to recognize even her daughters.
My friends' reactions who had all been trying to convince me that these things were getting to be normal at my age did not really convince me. So I got myself an appointment at the neurologist and he did a few tests. Fortunately he confirmed all my friends' diagnoses, in the EEG no real indicators were found that required further and more intensive observation (at this stage in life).
But he did say that the brain waves showed that I was "totally unrelaxed". This came at a moment when I thought I had indeed been relaxing for a while now - traveling to Birmingham, enjoying my son's school vacation without too many activities or things going on.
So since I came back from the neurologist I have been trying to figure out how to relax. For one thing, I was glad I had already decided and announced at the SAQA meeting that after all the years that I have been doing it now I would be retiring from my role as co-rep for SAQA Europe/Middle East soon. I went to the swimming pool, played the piano...
Today I took a short bike ride to see a friend of mine who is always great to be around because she is always in a good and lively mood. On the way to her house I remembered the slogan "Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers."

I changed that into "... photograph the flowers".


  1. Oh! I missed the retiring from co-rep bit at the meeting. But I do hope you find something which will relax you. Something you enjoy and to stop worrying about the next thing. Very difficult!
    At least, you now have no worries about your brain. ;-)
    Big hugs,

  2. thank you for being open. if you know your personal warning signs perhaps that's what you can use to keep tabs on your stress levels. personally if i'm not laughing as much as usual, i need to reduce my work load.