Friday, May 20, 2016

freezing through may...

I was really pleased to see that my donation to this year's SAQA Benefit Auction was included in the post listing good reasons to donate to the cause a couple of weeks ago.
That was during the first week of May when our round of family celebrations uses up a lot of energy. At least the weather was acceptable on the day we celebrated my son's birthday.

Apart from that weather has been very cool for May, which is supposed to be "pre summer". We're still wearing our winter clothes, although I have taken out of storage and ironed all the summer things. We can't go sailing either, for one thing, because our little boat needs the usual refurbishing after a few years, and it was too cold to put on the paint after the old layer was taken off, but also because we would be freezing on deck,

The now-11-year-old is also heavily hormone ridden these days and the mother starts wondering why she ever wanted to have children to begin with. I knew it wouldn't be fun and easy all the time, but it's really getting to be much harder right now than I thought it would. Hasn't been much fun lately!
So moments at the sewing machine are too few, but well appreciated when they happen. I am still working on my entry for the competition in Alsace, and when I woke up this morning I think I had the idea for a solution for the problems which I, of course, have encountered (and they are a different kind of problems than I was expecting).

backside view 

I  am not going to talk about the details of these problems, but they will need some radical steps to be solved. Which I now have to take, and that takes courage!
And I am seriously thinking about whether I will ever enter this challenge again (after I finish this quilt). I am not superstitious, but something is not working right in this direction. Strange - it was such an interesting experience to be on the jury for it...

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