Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Writing, stitching, coaching

At the beginning of last week, after my return home from France, I spend quite a bit of time translating an interview, which I had been conducting via e-mail, for the magazine of the German Patchwork Guild. The interview had only been arranged for two days before the deadline, and it took a couple of days for the interviewee to respond, then a while to translate... As I had been told that the magazine editor was not too happy if contributions came in late, that added a bit to my anxiety. But I have contributed an impressive six or seven pages to the magazine, in  two weeks of officially being a member of the writing staff - my contract requires me to contribute approx. eight per issue, i.e. every three months. I guess that is definitely a well-fulfilled contract for 'my' issue. Now I am curious how it all will look in print!
Parallel to translating I finished my Journal Quilt for April and spent time working on one of my way overdue pieces for International Threads. It is supposed to feature 'autumn colours', and at first I pieced scraps from that colour group.

This background I overlaid with an enlarged and slightly cropped drawing by Ellsworth Kelly.

Right now I am in the process of stitching, after machine quilting around the outer edges of the petals has been finished.
And I have been giving a considerable amount of thought to how I will go about marketing the knit-along I have been working on.

Prototype no. 1, lace yarn, wide ...

prototype no. 2, sock yarn, narrower, ...

and prototype no. 3, currently still under construction (but almost done!),
with the final order of patterns.

Together with my test-knitter Maike  we set the starting date for mid-June. This gives me a few more weeks to get the word out, and the days at Nadelwelt Karlsruhe, where I will be selling fabrics, to lure even more people into joining the fun. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours leaving lots of announcements on various German 'knitting' related pages on facebook, sending announcement mails to more than 200 addresses in my e-mail-account (I had no idea I even had that many listed, and that's only German addresses!) A few people have already signed up, which makes me happy. It will be interesting to see, how many people will actually join.

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