Saturday, January 23, 2016

So much time!

This past week I have been on a road to discovery. As I am slowly pulling back from my involvement with the volunteer network for refugees, and taking the time necessary for getting over the (partly unpleasant) things happening when one has to move on, I am amazed to realize 'with full force' what I have known and felt all along while I was doing it, but which is so remarkable when it is changing: I have indeed invested an incredible amount of time into that! And now that I am reclaiming it for myself, I actually have to learn again to fill it creatively. I've never been somebody who finds herself bored, and I haven't this past week, either, but it is strange - so much time, that I really need to get myself back into the habit of using it for creating. I do know there are a couple of ideas brewing, but it almost feels as if they are scared to show themselves full front, afraid that 'no, she won't really have time for us after all, this is just a delusion, it's not our turn yet'. Or something like that.
I have decided that I will take my initial idea for International Thread's challenge 'Signs and Symbols' (which I am still late in starting on, and getting later and later as I keep procrastinating) and do something with the Berlin-style female variation of the former East Germany's pedestrian lights. I had donwloaded a picture file almost immediately after the challenge was set, and now I have at least managed to print them out in an adequate size.

Some more snow dyeing, as we had another sprinkling of snow.

Unfortunately, although the results have mostly been washed and ironed, I haven't managed to roll them yet, nor have I photographed them. Instead I went for a walk yesterday when the weather would have been right to take those pictures - but I hope this will happen soon.

And then at some point we will find out what will happen to Germany's politics - ...

This collage was featured in our paper yesterday, I think. I was tempted
to do some photo-shopping with each of the individual pictures,
but I realized I need to pull out my class-files first so I can remember how
to alter each area separately first, and I'd rather go to bed now...

is she going to outlive the refugee 'crisis', or are the others going to kick her out? And if they do, what is going to happen THEN? Interesting times ahead!

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