Sunday, September 6, 2015

Upcoming: SAQA Benefit Auction 2015

I spent part of the morning in my role as regional co-rep for SAQA, preparing a count-down presentation of our region's donations for the upcoming Benefit Auction 2015. First appearances will be happening on the regional SAQA blog starting two days from today.

My own piece will be up for auction during section 2.

Shapes 28, 12x12 inches, donation for SAQA Benefit Auction 2015

I was also asked to prepare a Super Dream Collection from the entire set of donated quilts. It was chosen under the combining feature of 'Lines'. I also sent some pictures of the making which were turned into a small video to promote the auction.
But, to be honest, I can't find the mail that gave me the link to that video. And I completely forgot to announce that I was a featured artist on the SAQA website in July! Still a lot to learn for me on the field of self-marketing...

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