Thursday, April 17, 2014

Simplify your life...

For the second time in less than three months there has been a huge uproar about millions of e-mail access data that have been hacked. It’s been a long time since I have given up on using only one type of password for the various services I am using, but changing passwords over and over is really getting very taxing. I can’t say how many unsuccessful attempts I have had at logging into my private e-mail account, my e-mail account for my function as SAQA representative, facebook, blogger... I am dependent on notes now that remind me which service takes which password, and I am feeling a slight annoyance. Partly at myself for obviously not remembering as well as I used to – hey, old age is looming on the horizon, after all, I will turn 50 next year! – partly at those hackers who make life much more complicated than it need be.
Add to that frustrations as I wrote about in my last post - and you can easily understand that there occurred a real need to simplify some things in life during the last week. In order to make things just a little bit easier for myself I decided to cancel at least one service which I haven’t really been using much at all. I had signed up for LinkedIn a little sceptically, after having received an e-mail that somebody wanted to add me to their contacts. My sceptical feelings increased when on my second log-in – my profile at that time held nothing but my name and picture – I was greeted by an ad that some headhunter was looking for somebody with my profile. But as I am not looking for a job right now, and find it taxing enough to maintain a facebook page, my blogs in two languages, I finally came to the conclusion that it was not worth it. I decided to cancel my account with them. Just did it, it was surprisingly easy to find that button, they did not make a fuss (yet), and so far seem to have let me go. I tore up that sheet of paper that reminded me of the necessary password – and feel just a little bit better. One item less to remember or look up.

Probably a string of inquisitive mails will follow why I did this, but I hope I can handle that by simple deleting them and emptying the trash mail.

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  1. I so agree about the inconvenience of so many passwords. I am also leaving Linkedin as it does appear top be geared towards people who are looking for work, or for headhunters.