Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Beyond Comfort" in Birmingham

As I have mentioned before, two of my quilts were chosen to be part of the SAQA „Beyond Comfort“ exhibition.

These are the quilts.

Yellow Line (2010)

Illuminated (2010)

Illuminated comes with its own hanging rod as the stability of the entire quilt depends on the fixation of the netting. And, of course, it needs a power supply. It looks great overall, but it posed a serious problem once we had proceeded to the process of shipping and hanging. Several e-mails were exchanged between Eileen Doughty and me regarding the hanging, and I supplied an international power converter so that the LED-cord could be plugged in at different international venues.

The show opened for the first time a week ago in Birmingham at the Festival of Quilts. Eileen Doughty sent us this link to take a look, for those who could not be there in person.

I could not go because we were still on vacation, so all I have is these pictures, and I am also still waiting for the complimentary copy of the catalogue.

Unfortunately, Eileen has notified me that the power-/plug converter started smoking Saturday night and that the LED-cord had to be switched off. Perhaps it’s not fit for multiple-hour use? In any case I am glad they noticed before it set everything on fire. And I hope that the problem can be fixed. But I am definitely going to get a substitute converter.
This may be a clear indication, however, of the limitations of using light cords in quilt design. That's too bad, I had quite a few more ideas in that direction.

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