Monday, April 18, 2011

The Art of Deconstruction

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had the pleasure of regularly passing a fascinating site of deconstruction when I was on my way to Daily Oak. This wonderful place has by now been completely levelled, in fact they have already started preparations to build something new on the site. The whole process of deconstruction took approximately six weeks, and it went from this stage – taken on the second day, when I realized that this might be worth documenting -

to this.

In Germany there is a law that public building by state orgnaizations has to calculate 1% of the building costs as money that will be invested in a piece of art connected with this building, and many communities have been abiding by this law, too. However, this was a private firm of deconstruction at work. Therefore it all was fleeting, a wonderful sight of one day most likely would not be there on the next day anymore, so you had to be quick, and you could not wait for better lighting or other such minor aspects.
In the first post about the wonderful things I saw I called the pieces which I presented on the blog „could have been art“. I still think that’s a wonderful title, although it doesn’t really matter what they are called. Because these pictures are part of a documentation of the art of deconstruction! Here is a small selection of some more inspiring sights over the weeks.

Dinosaurs at work?
Fragile steps leading where?

Shadows on the wall

Trying to be a pattern

Dangling pieces

Composition with circles

Under ground
I never got my courage up to actually go in and ask the guys whether I could have something of the debris. But I am thinking more seriously about that class on welding!

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