Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome back, Baby Oak!

Summer is a slower time. My son is home from school, I have to spend quite a bit of time at the public pool with him, and it is not that easy to get many things done. So there isn’t really a whole lot to write about. I could give you a detailed account of my rather troubled relationship with my garden this year, including a lengthy description of my feelings about the slow process of decline that my quince tree is going through. But that is probably far from interesting for anybody but myself.
There are a few positive things about the garden, too, thouhg: we had a good crop of currants this year, and the sunflowers are beginning to bloom nicely.

And – Baby Oak, my Daily Oak’s descendant that I planted in my garden, is back. I have to admit that during a furious attack at weeds I inadvertently mowed it off, although I thought I had been careful enough. I realized that it wasn’t there before we left for our family retreat, and seriously mourned the fact that I myself had been the cause for its untimely death. And of course I told myself that I could never talk about this shameful mistake here...

But imagine my surprise and happiness when I saw it reappearing the other day. It has two sprouts now – so here is a real-time documentation about how trees decide to split up their stems! 

It may be a big and strong oak tree yet, in a hundred years or so to come.

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  1. Beautiful sunflowers. It obviously takes more than a mowing to deter an oak.