Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting ready for Art Immersion

My fabric supplier in the Netherlands has an annual house fair on the last Sunday and Monday of August. So far I had never been there, but this time they were also offering a workshop on how to employ social media for the enhancement of one’s business. As I have been a more or less reluctant user of social media so far, but had been told I need to be more active on that field, I thought it  would be interesting to participate. A few conferences with my husband and my son regarding the possibilities of organizing such a trip in the middle of school vacation while my husband has to work, and we came up with a special arrangement.
On Sunday I took my son to visit his grandparents for a few days, hopped on the train and went up to Holland to take part in the workshop. And thanks to my husband’s suggestion “but you are not just going up there to do this one workshop!” I will add two more days up there and do some interesting art stops.
I was lucky to have chosen the quiet day of the house fair to be there, and could leisurely stroll through the stacks and stacks of bolts of fabrics. No longer am I tempted by these, as I do not employ commercially printed fabrics in my quilts any more. But it is still breathtaking for any fabric lover to have this abundance of supplies lieing in front of you.

I did fill a shopping cart with lots of other items, though - batting, pins, two bolts of black fabric for the classes in Amish Quilting that I will be teaching in the fall, and everything will be shipped home.
The workshop was interesting, and I do feel that I know a bit more about facebook now. Not nearly enough to feel as if I am a competent user, but… Being a data-sceptical German, however, and especially in the midst of the current and heated debate about spying out of online communication by various secret services, I still don’t feel like I will ever come to love facebook. But I blog (and I like doing that!) – I use the internet for other things – so I guess there is no way out, one has to howl with the pack.
I was never expecting to boost my self-consciousness through being a member (which a recently published study says doesn’t work anyway), rather I had joined to find a few lost friends. And it worked indeed. I do enjoy reading pabout activities of my friends that I might not have heard of otherwise – Annie posted a list of desserts she was making for ‘a few friends’ that sounded like she was hosting a batallion of football players. But I wonder why people feel the need to share cutesy images of kittens rolled up in a tulip, and would rather live without some of the wise sayings that are being shared all over the place… Fills up one’s screen and feels a bit like spam mail in your e-mail in-box.
So after this workshop I know it is time to really figure out how to use facebook to promote my fabrics and my art.
But today and tomorrow I will dedicate myself to museums, totally.

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