Friday, August 30, 2013

SAQA Benefit Auction coming up - my personal Dream Collection

For the past few years I have annually donated a mini-quilt towards the SAQA Benefit Auction, one of the most important fund-raisers for this America-based international organization dedicated to the promotion of the Art Quilt. This year I was really early in sending in my contribution, and accordingly „Dreams of Fields“ will be up for auction starting on September 9, in the first round. Here is a description of how the auction works
Each year, SAQA invites its members to select their six piece “Dream Collections“ out of all the quilts up for auction, and I am proud that mine is included in the Dream Collection  "Greenglorious"curated by Olga Norris.
My own little Dream Collection was only chosen today, too late to be included on the official SAQA website, but I will show it here. It is called „Joy of Colour“ – all photo rights are with SAQA:

Please take a look at the entire collection, and perhaps you will like one or two or more of the quilts enough to bid for them when they are up for auction after September 9. SAQA will appreciate your support!

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  1. There are some great quilts in the collections and yours sits so well with the others that Olga has chosen. Is it just me or does the standard seem even higher this year?