Saturday, August 17, 2013

Featured on "Threadnest"

A little while ago Terry Jarard-Dimond  sent me an invitation to contribute a picture of my ‘thread nest’ of embroidery threads to a new blog she was creating. Good for me that she sent an explanation of what she considered a thread nest to be, because that was not an active item in my English vocabulary! But I really liked the idea, sent her my pictures, 

This is the picture I sent to Terry for "The Thread Nest"

and while we were away on our family retreat I was featured on “TheThread Nest”.
In fact, Terry's invitation was what gave me the idea to write the post about  boxes and baskets, although I altered the focus to buttons. Of course, I have other  collections that could also easily count as thread nests, but Terry had requested embroidery threads only, please, and so I abided by her request, of course. The other collections are slightly less ‘nest-like’ anyway.

A view of my drawers with threads

My handquilting threads

Terry is welcoming other participants, so if you have a nice little nest to contribute, you can get in touch with her via her blog.

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  1. Thank you for featuring the Thread Nest. Happy to introduce you to that concept. I may have to broaden the type of thread nests as I'm learning there are many varieties! All fun. All are great artifacts of the love of threads, yarns and fibers. Thanks for participating and I do welcome new images and stories.