Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Colour of the day: the seventh selection

So, it has happened. On July 26 I checked my memory of which color's turn it was against my calendar, where I had noted it for every day of the year. And I realized that I had been off by one day for the entire month already, starting on July 1. I decided on the following procedure for July 26: I was going to take pictures in the colour of the day that had been skipped on July 1 (red), and then slide back into the normal routine the next day (yellow). (And have been getting mixed up badly since about remembering which color I am supposed to be taking today.) Pictures that had been taken before my discovery still appear under the numeral of the day on which they were taken. Not that it makes any difference at all in the great scheme of things whether I took pictures of orange on July 1 or on July 2...

So here is the seventh selection:

red, July 12

orange, July 15

yellow, July 14
green, July 28
blue, July 10

purple, July 30

Well, I hope I get back into the swing tomorrow, with orange.

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