Friday, July 5, 2013

Always Collecting...

I hate going shopping – usually I end up in a book store, or a yarn shop. But there is one store nearby which I simply LOVE going to. (Actually, I thought I had posted pictures from it somewhere on the blog, but I couldn’t find them, at least not under the labels that I thought would be natural.) It is a Farmer’s Hardware and Utilities store where you can buy everything. And I mean everything from aprons  to nails to tools to you name it. Just look at this - doesn't it make your heart sing? - :

On Tuesday I went there because I had realized that time is drawing near. I really must come up with thoughts now about how I am going to deal with that creative outdoor bird which needs to be shipped in four weeks at the latest. I had had a few ideas, but I figured I might as well let myself be inspired there. I can spend hours walking the isles, taking in the various kinds of machinery, tools, utensils that you can buy, at moderate prices. Taking lots of pictures, too. When I come out of the store I tend to carry loads of stuff that I will be using in a different function than the original design intended. Such as these items, all my treasures from Tuesday (and I held back!):

Several items for printing on fabric. I do have a strong collection in that realm by now, I better get started on that project sometime soon!

And little screw-nuts, which will become adornment for the bird that had taken me to the store to begin with.

Which I sat down to deal with yesterday morning. It's coming along nicely.

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