Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colour of the day: the sixth selection

Red - June 30
orange - June 13
yellow - June 20
green - June 27
blue - June 4
purple - June 29

Interesting - this is the middle point of the year, and for a little while I had been pondering whether I should change my Daily Art project after these first six months were completed. I still like looking for colors and taking these photos, and I know that I am getting an ever more schooled eye for these shots. But I am finding it increasingly annoying to have to figure out "ok -which colour is it today?", although I have put a note in my calendar for every day for the rest of the year. So I had started thinking about an alternative. But exactly this monthg two people mentioned how much they had enjoyed exactly these photos when they looked at the blog, one even suggested I should try to get an exhibition opportunity for   these photos. I know that this is completely exaggerated, they were taken with a small digital camera and are technically not exactly brilliant. But it showed me that my project of looking at colors reaches the viewers. So I am continuing. And the brain jogging will do me good, after all, I am going on to old age and the willful act of remembering must be - uhm, lacking the correct word there...  ;-))

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  1. I just found your blog via mutual memberships on TAFA and galleribba. What an interesting color project... photos in the moment!