Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creative Outdoor Award, first report

Another thing I have been ‚working’ on since my return from Berlin is the Creative Outdoor Award for which I wasdrawn as a participant. When I returned home, I found the bird waiting for me which I have to complete. This is it, I guess you could say in its ‘naked condition’.

First thought: “aha. This is not exactly big.”
Second thought, a couple of days later, rather on the display side: “Can I put it on a branch?” Problem: how to get the branch into a position that it will stay upright, AND be shippable by German Post. Ruled out.
Third thought: Dispense it from some hanging device so it will look as if it is flying. Probably not very original, and, honestly, to my eyes, this is not a bird in flight, it would look as if it is dropping from the sky like a stone. Ruled out.
Fourth thought, more on the design side: can I put this thing in a dye bath? It does look like cotton, but it does not feel as if it is pfd. So how well would it take the colour? Plus, the make does not look like it would survive a tumble in the washing machine for thorough rinsing, and I just hate to let all that water go down the drain to rinse it from hand. (And if I would have to get a replacement after destruction of the first bird, I probably would have to pay €20...) So refrained from dyeing it. But in that line of thought at least I had turned to how to decorate the body rather than thinking about how to display it when it’s finished.

That’s what I am now still turning over in my head. Numerous possibilities. One would be to engage my son in the process. It might certainly lead to unpredictable results. Well, I still have a few weeks.

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  1. why not give him, or is it her??, a pait of feet made with wire so that he/she can stand ?
    heidi, CH