Friday, November 6, 2015

NZ travelogue

After getting over the worst of the jetlag, I tried an excursion to Napier. But I should have listened to the weather forecast and saved me that trip. It was very wet, pretty cold and really not much fun. It's hard to look up and see or even appreciate the nice architectural details adorning the houses when the rain is driving at your face straight on, the sky is gray and you are miserable and cold. And there are just so many dollars you want to spend on souvenirs and gifts from boutiques you would never walk into if the weather were better. These pictures have already been enhanced a little in terms of brightness:

So I changed my bus ticket and came back to Wellington one day earlier, which was a good decision.
On the way, the bus went along Kapiti Coast and I was very tempted - islands lying 'within reach' on the close horizon, like Kapiti Island here (picture taken from the bus) have a strong draw on me...

But making plans yesterday and comparing prices I finally made up my mind and go south next week as I had originally intended.

Gorgeous day yesterday - afternoon bike tour 'around the bays' with Tony.

Off to our walk in the Takani region tomorrow.

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