Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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After my weekend in Newcastle I continued on to Brisbane on Monday. Ali George picked me up at the central station after I had made my way downtown from the airport, so I could put my luggage in her car before exploring the city a little bit on my own while she finished up work.
There was a heavy thunderstorm in the evening, quite an introduction to Queensland climate!

And then Tuesday morning we started printing. Ali has the most wonderful facilities - an open air shed where you are protected from the sun, across the driveway from her lovely house in getting-to-be-remote Queensland.

The first day was dedicated to printing with paints.

Ali has made this wonderful printing block from using a leaf from her garden, and it makes a wonderful print!

Testing commercial stencils...

... and this is the harvest of the first morning's work.

In the evening we went 'kangaroo hunting' so I would actually have seen a live one, too, not only eaten the meat from the supermarket, and we had to go only about ten minutes in the car befor we found several pods grazing next to the road.

This morning we even had one in the back of the garden. And today we are printing with thickened procion dyes.

Preparing for breakdown printing

the second possibility - just pick it off the glass!

and off the stencil, too!

more prints with that wonderful printing block with that leaf!

using a foam brush

stacking it all in plastic, because otherwise it will dry out way too fast

last item before lunch
I just am amazed at being able to work like this, basically outdoors, with a light breeze going because of all the strategically placed windows. And for lunch we had meatballs with a little sauce that containned Koriander which had been grown in Ali's husband's garden. Just the thought! This is heaven, for sure!

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